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We are family – June 13, 2017

We are family… so the song goes, but what does that really mean?

Blog post written by Jo Ann Carpenter


As I was continuing our study in Matthew 12, Monday evening during the Meal Ministry, we read about Jesus and how we are part of His spiritual family.  Now, I have always referred to our dinner guests, shelter residents, staff, board, volunteers, and donors as part of our Refuge of Hope Family, but I usually stopped there.

After reading this scripture the light bulb went off above my head and I am sure everyone in the dining room noticed it!  Now I was able to tie it all into the spiritual family of God!  That is what Jesus was talking about when His mother and brothers came to visit him.  He did not turn them away as some may think; He was actually including them in His Father’s family!

Thinking quickly how to relate this message to our Refuge of Hope family, sitting in the dining room before me, I said, “Our family here and now, is forever part of God’s family when we ask Him into our lives.”  Then silently I praised God for helping me tie all of this together with everyone in the dining room.

And don’t you know, I saw heads turning and looking around the room, some even nodded in agreement with me, which was very encouraging!  How humbling to understand how God can use even me, to share His message of love and acceptance.

We are a family at Refuge of Hope… We are as different as we can be… And yet with just a few words, Jesus explained how we are His brothers and sisters in His Father’s family!