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In Harm’s Way – September 14, 2017

By Jo Ann Carpenter


This past weekend many dear friends of mine were directly in the path of Irma!  I spent much time worrying and praying for them.  I watched the progress of the hurricane head directly toward them and it made me more anxious and my prayers more frequent.  I was helpless except when I spoke to God about their situation.

On Monday morning the storm moved further north and pictures started coming in over the news, communications from my friends confirmed they were ok, and overall as the storm weakened the damage was much less than anticipated.

They made it through what was projected to be a catastrophic hurricane.  After a terrifying night, the sun did rise again and they made it!  Praising God for answering many prayers I was able to begin my day.  Then I began to think…

Isn’t that similar to events happening in our lives?  Facing what we believe to be insurmountable obstacles, through prayer and faith we are guided right through the storm to the sunrise.  We realize God never left our side and see that He is still right there beside us.  Sure, there may be residue to clean up, but with God all things are possible.  He will provide the help and resources we need to move forward, strength and courage to take the first steps, and guidance throughout the journey.

As we remember September 11 this week as well, we see that God never left our side during that difficult time.  He used what was meant for evil to bring us together as a nation, to work side by side as brother and sisters, and as a family to make it through.

My point is this, no matter what we are going through, God is right there beside us.  Our resolve may shake a little, we may doubt ourselves and the outcomes, but He is stronger, mightier, all powerful and merciful, and will never leave us or forsake us!

Please join me this week in prayer for all those who were in the path of Harvey, Irma and possibly now Jose, as well as all those affected by the 911 attacks sixteen years ago.  We will still feel pain and suffering in our lives for now, but always remember God has promised us a new life when this one is over. As we wait for Him to take us home, let’s always keep the faith and love each other.