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100% – October 11, 2017

By Jo Ann Carpenter


Many times we are asked what the success rate at the Refuge of Hope is.  This refers to the men who have moved out of our shelter.  In the last 3 ½ years we have moved almost 400 men into their own housing from our emergency/transitional shelter.  Very few have returned for a second stay.

But wait, very few is not what the title of this post says. Now most people who know me have heard me say I don’t like to do the math, but even I know there is a difference from 100% to very few.

So what am I talking about?  Well, as a Christian organization, sharing God’s Word and His Love is our number one goal.  That is why I can say we have a 100% success rate in sharing the message of salvation with all of the men who stay in our shelter and everyone who comes to us for a meal.

The men have morning devotions with scripture and prayer, we pray at the noon meal with the men and volunteers, prayer and scripture is shared at every community meal, Bible study on Monday evening for the men, a women’s Bible study on Tuesday nights, and whenever a man is counseled by staff we always share how a personal relationship with the Lord is life-changing and eternity-changing!

Jesus calls us to love God and each other, and to me, that means sharing His Word with everyone.  I know how God has been there for me at the lowest points in my life, provided me guidance and wisdom when I was lost and how He forgave me when I asked Him.  I also have seen God do great things around me through the work at Refuge of Hope! How could I not share that with everyone who is struggling with any problems!

Everyone who comes to Refuge of Hope hears the message of the saving grace of Christ!  That is a 100% success rate.